Friday, 8 November 2013

The 'Rules' of Blogging?

Ah yes I know what you're thinking ... where's she been all these months? Well the truth is, I've been busy tending my poetry blog, and now I feel a bit bad to have left Blogging for Creatives languishing like this ...

Rule number one of blogging - post regularly!

Having said that, I've read some very interesting 'rules' over the years, and I still hear stuff that makes me think hmmm... not sure I agree with that rule ... so what do you think?

Are there 'rules' to blogging? Are rules there to be broken? Are some of them taboo, and others just a matter of taste/choice?

Tell me what's your number one rule, or perhaps there's a commonly held belief about 'how to blog' that you 100% disagree with?