Friday, 8 November 2013

The 'Rules' of Blogging?

Ah yes I know what you're thinking ... where's she been all these months? Well the truth is, I've been busy tending my poetry blog, and now I feel a bit bad to have left Blogging for Creatives languishing like this ...

Rule number one of blogging - post regularly!

Having said that, I've read some very interesting 'rules' over the years, and I still hear stuff that makes me think hmmm... not sure I agree with that rule ... so what do you think?

Are there 'rules' to blogging? Are rules there to be broken? Are some of them taboo, and others just a matter of taste/choice?

Tell me what's your number one rule, or perhaps there's a commonly held belief about 'how to blog' that you 100% disagree with?


  1. I think that the recommendations on how often you should post has changed a great deal over the last few years, and I wonder if this is to do with the fact that more people now subscribe by email, and proportionately fewer by RSS. I don't think people want emails landing in their box unless the blogger really has something to say, whereas if you're reading your blogs through RSS, the one that updates most often is most likely to be read. What does anyone else think about that theory?

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