Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Tech Tip: Colour Tools

Today's Wednesday, so it's time for the first Tech Tip!

One of the ways you can make your blog's look unique, even if you're using a free template or theme, is with colour. If (like me) you're not always 100% sure which colours will work well together, help is at hand.

Colour tools are great to play around with and experiment with different looks. Adobe Kuler is one of the most popular. You can create your own combinations, see what other people have created and even rate them, which makes it a community in itself:

Another one to check out is Color Scheme Designer. You can choose a palette, then see how it might look on a webpage. There are loads of other things you can try too, including checking to see how your colour scheme looks to someone who's on the colour blindness spectrum. Amazing.


  1. Hi Robin

    I also use . Adobe Kuler and i use for quickly finding the lighter or darker shades of a colour.


  2. Hi Janet
    Thank you so much for the tip -I shall check it out!