Friday, 15 June 2012

Featured Blogger: James Kicinski-McCoy

'Hello, I'm a girl names james married to a boy named aubrey...' So starts the introduction to one of my favourite blogs, Bleubird.

'What We Wore' is one of the feature sections
of the blog

At one time James ran a vintage store, but now she concentrates on her blog which she runs for profit. James blogs about vintage style, family life, favourite finds and her children's lunch boxes, amongst over things!

They are a very cute family and one of the real charms of Bleubird is the beautiful photography. No wonder James has such a strong following - on the blog, on Pinterest and on Instagram.


  1. Bleubird is probably my favourite blog ever! There is so much us bloggers can learn from James, her posts are well written, informative and fun and her pictures are breathtaking!

  2. Hi Anke - I agree, everything about her blog is so stylish, I'm in awe that she keeps it going so well even with a big family to look after.