Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Moving Poetgal from Posterous to

Earlier in the year, Twitter acquired Posterous, and although at first I noticed no difference, I'm now getting the distinct impression it's being wound down.

I have a Posterous blog (Poetgal) and when I posted to it today the new post did not update on the home page. When I googled the issue, I found I wasn't the only one complaining about Posterous - there are a lot of angry people posting to its Facebook page!

This is a great shame - Posterous used to be a lovely platform, but I decided now was the time to shift my blog elsewhere. A quick search brought up this useful post from Lifehacker: basically, Posterous does not provide an export function, so if you want to move your blog elsewhere you either have to do it the long way, or export to a blog, because WP is the only provider with a simple import-from-Posterous facility.

So, I did just that - moved all the posts, images, comments and tag - it was really quick and easy - chose a Theme and did a modicum of customisation.

Unfortunately the pages weren't imported, so I'm going to have to recreate my blogroll. Other housekeeping issues will be to change the Feedburner feed (or maybe it's time to migrate to Feedblitz),   set up categories and other stuff. I've changed the redirect of my URL so it now points to the Wordpress site.

The old Poetgal blog on Posterous

Nice new Wordpress site!

On the whole I'm pretty happy with the new look and home, it's got a nice magazine theme now and it's a hosted blog so no money to shell out.

Do you have a Posterous blog? Are you having problems, and are you going to move it?


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