Thursday, 27 September 2012

You don't have to go it alone - join a blogging community like BritMums!

When you're new to blogging it can be a lonely thing - which is why blogging communities can be a life saver.

I recently met up with Jen Howze, one of the co-founders of BritMums, Britain's biggest parent blogging network, and was inspired by her energy and evangelism for online networking.

BritMums provides community, support, ideas and motivation - every day there's something new. Today there was a video of a Google Hangout chat in which a number of members shared their tips on using social media effectively. As well as special interest groups, profile pages and the chance to have your blog featured, there's also an annual conference, BritMums Live, which gives members an opportunity to meet up, learn, share and build their blogger network.

Ironically, both Jen and BritMums co-founder Susanna Scott are both American, but just as ironically (I guess) although they have invited me to speak at the 2013 BritMums Live, I'm not a mum. (You don't have to be a 'mommy blogger' to join, just an active - non-commercial - blogger.)


  1. The mummy blogger is a real phenomenon of blogging, it almost makes you feel like in defect if you don't have children but you have a blog.
    This community seems awesome, well done to the founders :)

  2. Yes indeed, they've really grown something fantastic. Thanks for commenting :)